Text Toolkit

This tool allows you to manipulate Contacts, Companies and Deals string properties on your HubSpot Account.

You can apply several functions to:

  • Concatenate one or more string properties with other properties, or fixed text.
  • Capitalize string properties
  • UPPER case string properties
  • lower case string properties
  • Conditional format a string property through a Regular Expression (RegEx) pattern and evaluator
  • Validate a string property against a List of Values (LoV) or a RegEx

You should notice the following constraints, due to HubSpot Webhooks Policies and Limitations

  • We limit the Trial to the use of 5 functions and 20 properties
  • We limit the total properties used according to the subscription type (see price info)
  • Certain HubSpot native properties are reserved and not available for integration
  • After applying a configuration, it can take up to 5 minutes to take effect
  • If a property is changed in HubSpot more than once in a short time (secs), we might only apply the function to the last value

Each subscription allows you to use one HubSpotAccount.
Nevertheless, you can switch the HubSpot account at any given time.